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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  April 8, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> even his was home watching tv. >> i was wondering what was going on.
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by the time i moved the door, i saw the fire rolling out. >> i saw a lot of smoke. it just a little bit of flames this loading at . >> firefighters had the flames out in two hours but four homes were damaged. >> the front porch and the ceilings upstairs were damaged. water damage to everything else. >> firefighters think the fire was started near a porch. investigators are trying to determine what started it. neighbors are hoping for a speedy recovery. >> wbal-tv 11 news. >> it is in more than a month since a tornado devastated a small indiana town, wiping out homes and places of dorset. -- were shut. this holiday is extra special this year. jamie white explains. >> as these hunters hunt for hidden treats, they remember
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life before march 2. >> i used to have a lot, but they are all gone. >> members of our savior lutheran church open their hearts, giving families in henry billick piece of what is been missing. this is natural ordinary easter egg hunt. more than 300 baskets were donated to the tornado victims, stuffed with candy and toys. >> this one can to get there without much target at all. when we found we were short on something, we got more of that. >> plus, more supplies. >> all the weather radios over there. this has been a real joy for us as well as for them. >> these children that have lost so much are still happy. we have brought joy to them. >> very humbling. it is hard. we never asked for help or have been handed anything. to know that people are there to
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help you is great. they show how much they care. the pasteur sisk hearing is easy. >> we are all part of one big family. god's love is there whether we live here or louisville, ky. we sure that love. -- share tha tlove. >> 59 degrees on tv hill. coming up, if you are one of the millions of americans looking for work, an important aspect to think about is why employment contracts might give you some extra security.
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>> now, your insta-weather plus forecasts. with meteorologist ava marie . >> good morning. after a chilly start to the day,
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right around sunrise. we are really warming up as we head into the afternoon. we have a few clouds and a satellite picture into the western part of the state. they will go towards d.c. and we see a few clouds in baltimore this afternoon. most of the day is spent with sunshine. we had a few showers are earlier on in the mountains. these are now all starting to fall apart as the cold front makes its way over the mountains. it will be passing by this afternoon. we clear out later into the evening hours. that is the front. the high-pressure system will slowly fall into tonight and early tomorrow. then, we start to talk about rain chances as an upper level low pressure system pushes into the east and is also for a couple of days. temperatures will drop into the week. enjoy the temperature is right now. it is 55 at the airport. 56 at the harbor. 52 in frederick. 49 in hagerstown. with the clouds in the mountains, temperatures are holding down a bit. 41 in frostburg.
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for the forecast today, lots of sunshine. except for a few of the cause later today. high temperatures into the upper 60's. at around 70 degrees. we should be near 71 in southern maryland. 724 ocean city. breezy today. with the front approaching, we see wins out of the west turning more west northwest into the afternoon. 10 to 20 miles per hour. gusts of 30 miles per hour. if you are with your easter hat on, you may want to stop them on pretty tight. we will see some hats flying later today. temperatures in the upper-60's. for the orioles game, 65 degrees. the game kicks off at 1 35:00 this afternoon. -- 1:35 p.m. this afternoon. we have very dry conditions, strong winds, lots of sunshine and low humidity. those warm temperatures. that combination it is a dangerous out there for fires. if you have a barbecue plant, be careful.
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make sure the coals are away from any flammable material. partly cloudy tonight. temperatures into the 40's. 70 -- seven-day forecast. into the 50's midweek. we have rain chances monday night into wednesday. nothing significant. a couple of showers. >> it would not the easter weekend without an easter egg hunt. glen oaks park was jammed on saturday with children running for some 5000 hit and easter eggs. the event was hosted by the empowerment temple church. those eggs were not just full of candy. there were some pretty impressive prizes inside. >> some of the prizes were hair cuts, outfits, ipads. it went the full spectrum. an exciting day for the parents and children to be able to just relax and enjoy themselves. >> the egg hunt was open to kids from all over baltimore city. at the maryland is due, the annual bunny bonanzoo continues.
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i love saying that. that got under way saturday. there is a scavenger hunt and games. the event today what runs from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. and it is free with zoo admission. >> fun easter egg hunts come with dangers. animal experts say the easter eggs are often hidden near rocks and other places where you can find snakes. >> we get calls almost every year. easter morning from the kids running around at the next thing you know, they find a snake. >> all right. you will need to avoid a close encounter with a snake. experts recommend hiding the easter eggs off the ground. you do not want to come into contact with that thing. [laughter] had been elevated places. they all make good options. you should not put the eggs outside before the hunt.
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it is a good idea to serve if they are to make sure it is safed before sending the children outside. if you live in florida, watch out for the alligators. [laughter] >> i want to know who's easter egg hunts that was? how you can get hollywood looks for much, much less. that is coming up. plus, if you are on a job hunt, something to keep in mind during the hiring process. >> first come here is a look at some events going on around town. -- first, here is a look at some events going on around town.
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> welcome back. time for a business report. we're going to talk about help you can secure an employment contract and the benefits of having one. thank you for coming in. happy easter. >> happy easter. why now? why do people need an employment contract? >> is a nice way to make sure that everybody's expectations are in sync in terms of the employer and the employee. one of the complaints i hear on the employee side is that they are hired to do one thing and
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their job changes over time. if they are unhappy about that. if you are an employee in maryland, employers are perfectly free to do that. if you want to make sure that your job duties do not change or that your benefits do not change, you need to get that in writing. >> what kind of employment contracts are out there? >> primarily two client. an at-will employment contract where the employee can terminate at any time for any reason as long as it is not something that violates the law. i cannot be fired because i am a woman or because i am over 40. i could be fired because i do not like sports. same with the employee. the employee can terminate the contract or any thing -- for any reason. there are term employment agreements where both parties agree that the employment relationship is only going to be severed for certain enumerated reasons. that is a much more secure a contract on both sides. >> ok. is there something -- as hard as
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it is to get a job these days, to say, i want an employment contract, will that turn them off? >> it depends on the situation. currently, right now in the job market, employees need to be careful and a sort of feel things out. there is one thing to be aware of. it -- if you are being presented with an agreement such as a non compete clause, you may have some time to ask in return before you sign if they will add a few things that will protect you. >> ok. what do you look for in a contract? >> if you are on the employer side, you certainly want to make sure that you are careful in terms of if you have somebody in a sales position or somebody you are afraid of losing. you want to have a strong on competition and on solicitation provision. if you are on the employee said,
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he went to look carefully at how broad those non competition and non solicitation provision are. and what the employer can do if you violate. there are some heavy penalties for that. >> who should sign one? >> you usually see them as a little bit -- get a higher level of employment. at the exempt level in point. you also see an awful lot with salespeople in sales positions. >> all right. thank you so much. if someone wanted to get in touch with you, how can they do that? thank you. stay with us. >> you were a little rough on the shovel. >> that was not me. we tell you how to be safe and what to check out before you go digging. >> two of these go to get there. the shovel hits to this cable. we talk about how to avoid hurting yourself coming up
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>> welcome. i have something here that is interesting. >> we ought to be careful about what we might hit in the ground especially now that is national safety month. >> this is a power cable you would find underground. if you can come up close on this. there is a big hole in it. >> you should see the sector that did that. >> we are going to bring in a forester from bg &e.
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she has the shovel that hit the cable. the end of the shovel, you can see the damage. the cable had a hole in the shovel lost the end of the shovel. sarah, you will talk about and not digging with the cables are. >> absolutely. april is national did say if month. we want to encourage people to call 811 utility before you dig. they will come out and notify the opprobrium utility and mark the underlie and -- the underlying cables. the guy was digging and thought it was a tree root. he was putting in the retention of. he was chopping away. unfortunately, it was a primary underground electric cables. he sustained some pretty
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significant injuries. >> in an area where there may be over headlines, which is something else we have to watch out for, can there still be underground cables? >> absolutely. beyond the electric lines and gas lines, there is water, sewer, cable-tv, there are kinds of things we have to look up for and mentor you call the utility line at 811. >> even if it is a cable line or telephone line, you can still disrupt service. heaven forbid if we interrupt somebody's internet. [laughter] they're not as dangerous as the electric cables, but they do the damage and cost a lot of money. >> lengthy service interruptions, also. >> what kind of trees or shrubs should we be planting anywhere near this? >> we ask people to keep in mind when dealing with overhead utility lines -- think about
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what the tree might look like in 10, 20, 30 years. if you will plant around overhead utility lines, plant something that will grow less than 25 feet. if you have a question about what species grow to, we have a list that or consult your local nursery. >> may be a bush like a lie a bush or something would be better than a tree. >> we have many varieties here. we have evergreens. if you are when to plant around utility lines, stay away from white pines and go for a lower grower. we have the eastern red blood. -- red bud. beautiful tree. less than 25 feet. >> i lot of nurseries will have
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a 10-year growth plot of a tree. that will help you out. your website is a great resource. a lot of nursery websites. take a look at the centers. >> you can tell. if you have a plot on your land, you can tell where the utilities are. do not plant a lot of stuff over that anyway. it might be inconvenient for gardening, but as far as to have to work on the lines, that is not a good idea. >> we like to maintain ways that will be easy for us to get into if there were an emergency situation. >> you do stand a chance of getting all tangled up in those lines. phone or cable companies or heaven forbid, the power company under or over. thank you for joining us this morning and warning us about the overhead lines or the underground lines. that is a big hole. >> i will be i811.
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-- calling 811. qnexa now, we will have more tips about how to keep your garden growing and safe. >> it was john in the klum game. the electric pipe, in the library. hours of code is 21211 or go to >> to is making a joke. 59 degrees at tv hill. coming up, a milestone. 100 healthy restaurants in howard county. the county is here to explain what that means for your diet. >> if you want to dazzle your friends and yourself, where you can get some of the most saw after excess trees without breaking the bank. >> kate with a rattlesnake in
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the new studio. [laughter] not a hill led the -- not a whole lot going on. seven-day details in the next half-hour.
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>> live, local, late-breaking,
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this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> welcome back. we will get to our top stories in a moment. we want to look outside. it is a splendid -- >> is a splendid easter sunday. we are warming up. 55 at b.w.i. the wind is out of the west. breezy today. winds could gust up to 30 miles per hour of this afternoon. temperatures will continue to climb near 65 by 1:00 p.m. and 69 by 3:00 p.m. a few clouds this afternoon. otherwise sunny skies. details coming up. >> is time for our sunday q&a. good morning, health commissioner. good to have you. i need to say congratulations because howard county has been named the healthiest county in the state of maryland. how do you get that distinction and what does that actually mean for people? >> i think it is a couple of
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things. clearly, the economic status of the county makes a difference because place matters. where you live and where you grow up, the more socioeconomic resources you have, better education system, etc., means a healthier county. it also takes work. our county executives has made public health a priority in the county. restaurants and workplaces and schools healthy. as an example, about 60% of the elementary and middle schools are help the schools. >> what does that mean? >> it is not that they have a vending machine policy improvement, it means good nutrition practices and more physical activity. it-bling programs. -- anti-bullying programs. we give awards to those who have done the most innovative things.
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many kids in the county go to schools that are healthy. similarly, 18% of the entire work force works in healthy workplaces, places that make walking trails available. they give discounts for running shoes at in good standing with -- running shoes and have good vending machine policies. >> you have taken a holistic approach to this? >> correct. >> as part of this, you have just reached 100 healthy restaurants in our county. >> right. we have a whole range of restaurants. for people who have a lot of money for people -- to people who do not have a lot of money. several subway's meet our criteria. it is excellent hygiene of the restaurant, no trans fats, healthy menu options, and publishing and analysis of what is in the food. no smoking complaints. all of those make a difference. >> they just give us the one-
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minute signal so i want to make sure that i ask you about the health care reform law. the supreme court's mulling it over right now. it affects every american. what is at stake? but see a huge amount is at stake. we had 52 million americans -- >> a huge amount is at stake. 52 million americans do not have health insurance. that is the worst of any developed country in the world. that is inexcusable. this affordable care act bill, obamacare, is not perfect, but it is vastly better than not having it. it is a mistake of the supreme court overturns it . >> if it is overturned, will counties like yours have to figure out how to fill in the gaps or find some solution? c.s.. we just had an up it this morning -- >> we just had an up
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ed in the paper this morning. there will have to be more programs like that to pick up the slack. it will cost money. >> alright. thank you. it is a pleasure to see you. do not go away. we will be right back with more news in a moment. preview .e is nbc's >> president obama publicly singled out mitt romney for the first time this weekend he returned fire. both are presenting competing visions for the country and previewing what is to come in a general election. we will have our on preview of the campaign with a debate between dick durbin and john caisson. then on this easter sunday, we have a roundtable discussion on faith and politics. is it possible to get the balance right with some much controversy surrounding religious liberty? that is all this morning on "meet the press." consider this -- a mouthwash with maximum fluoride, strong enough to rebuild tooth enamel, yet gentle enough for sore mouths. new act sensitive. strong teeth, fresh breath.
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in a sensitive formula.
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>> now, your forecast with ava marie. >> good morning. what a beautiful easter sunday at there. there are a few clouds coming in from the west. they are trying to dampen our easter sunday. they will not be a major concern. clear skies from baltimore to d.c. just a few clouds coming in from the west. these are coming over the mountains the winds are out of the west. a lot of these will down the slope and fizzle out. you are expecting a few clouds this afternoon. much of that day will be sunny. a cold front was producing showers overnight all across the appalachian mountains. these are all falling apart. as the cold front moves our way, it will come for a completely dry. we have only been dealing a change in the temperature.
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high pressure on monday and then a storm system comes in early in the week. the storm will stick around for a couple of days. it will be cooling down next week and we will see a slight chance for rain each and every day into the early week. here is a look at temperatures right now. 55 at b.w.i.. 54, gaithersburg. 51, ocean city. colder in the mountains. in the 40's with all the cloud cover. forecast for today, partly cloudy in the mountains, but pretty sunny as you held elsewhere. central maryland, 69. low were 70's in the south and 72 at ocean city. breezy today. that is bringing concern for fire danger. we will talk about that in a minute. watch out for some of those gusty winds for the lawn furniture. gusting up to 30 miles per hour. afternoon clouds. we have some orioles playing one more game against the twins. what a great start to the season so far. hopefully we can sweep through this entire series.
9:41 am
the game starts at 130 at oriole park. 65 degrees. the winds around 25 miles per hour. be careful if you plan to barbecue with a high winds and dry conditions, there is a red flag warning into tomorrow. into the 40's tonight. seven-day forecast shows cooler, dropping into the 50's with a chance for rain early into the week. >> all right. [laughter] spring. u.s. some of the accessories that the stars like. >> time to update your wardrobe. get out the bright colors. let us show you some fun things. halle berry is a star maker. she is in her store dress. -- short dress. super soph the weather. lots of room for all your goody's said whatever you need to carry.
9:42 am
-- goodies and whenever you need to carry. jennifer aniston -- this oversized watches really popular right now. she has been wearing one for a couple of years. hers is a rolex. ours is not. ours is only $39. it has some sparkles on it. >> just by a man's watch? >> you could, but, you know. they are not quite as sparkly. they're supposed to be worn very loose. if you will get in and it will be loose. you still up to where it loose like it is your boyfriend's. or just steal your boyfriend at's watch. this is victoria beckham. we found a really good match for this bag. the cool thing about it is it has this wonderful strap. it also has a really plan strap.
9:43 am
i read about this on the internet. carry like she does. have been like this. this is all over the runway. if you notice the picture, that is how she was carrying it. she was wearing her boyfriend's watch. whole bunch of different colors. this is $54. it has a whole bunch of functional pockets. it is perfect. >> have not seen my purse. [laughter] they're right there in that pocket. >> katy perry -- to more loves purple. she has a problem that was on. we found one that is similar. engineerings. $39. it is called perfect necklace. we will talk about orange because orange is the coloer of 2012.
9:44 am
we have sandra bullock wearing an orange scarf. this is $19. >> that is great. >> we have a promo code wbal 20% off. >> shop4sparkles. >> is this the trend, these big oversized necklace is? >> it is. i am wearing a neon one because neon is huge. why not? [laughter] ladies, do not let your man tell you any different. the latest fashion can come in handy. a pair of shoes may actually have saved a lady's life and ohio. >> you are not safe in your house. >> a warning from the single mother who asked us not to show her face. she only hopes other women will not have to learn the way she did, after she had fallen
9:45 am
asleep. >> the light is turned on and i am like, get the hell out of my house., >> grab her shoe. >> i felt like it was not enough to take him down. it was enough to show him i am going to give you a fight. >> just moments before police say another woman faced the in terror at the hands of a different man. >> he had put a gun to our head and threatened to rob her and then wanted her to take off her clothes. >> she successfully fought back, too. police did not think the two cards are connected. catching both men is the top priority. >> there was a violent attack on two victims. this individual or these individuals will go out into this to someone else, that is
9:46 am
the concern. >> you can better prepare yourself. >> it meant may sun her teaching, knives and around her home, and double checking windows and doors. she says of the intruder comes back, she will be ready. >> i am planning on getting my colceal and carry -- and give pistol. >> well. keep that in mind. don't go away. up next, in the kitchen. first, a look at the winning lottery numbers.
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>> of the bat. time for sunday brunch. turning as is dan walters. the -- joining us is dan walters. >> say it correctly for us. >> fogo de chaoe. what we have here is our house specialty dessert. >> is there meet? >> no. this papaya will help you feel better. the meat is ready. here in about 50 minutes, we will be slicing it. do you think you can find people -- >> i think they are already lined up. there is one vegetarian out there. >> we have a salad bar for them. we have our papaya cream. the way to make it -- it is a
9:50 am
great springtime desert. it is very light. it is one papaya, four scrips of banalize cream, and we have the liqueur which is optional. put it in a blender, blend it. i have some ready here that i liked to show. it is a smooth the desert to -- a smooth desert. it is great after you had a big meal. want to try it? >> i will wait until after. no eating on tv. [laughter] you do not want to get a papaya seedstock in your teeth. you just talked about bias with some of the nel ice cream and then this stuff? >> it adds a little bit of extra flavor. >> a papaya milkshake. >> yes. is easy to do. it is a great summer time desert. if you're hanging out by the pool. make for easter, that would be a good day. today, i think. >> i think you are right.
9:51 am
you're teaming up with junior achievement. >> in celebration of financial literacy month, april. we are hosting a 7 -- special dinner to support junior achievement. junior achievement is a non- profit organization reaching over 20,000 students in maryland. millions more across the country. 16 of our locations are to dissipating. we are excited. it is a great cause. we are getting our normal dinner, which is our salad bar, 15 cups of meat -- cuts of meat, a cartel in a desert. this is for $15. april 26 from 530 until 8:30 p.m.. you can book your reservation by calling the junior achievements. it is a great chance to try the best of brazil and give back to the community. >> if you'd like a copy of the
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recipe, log onto and click on food. you can also send a self- addressed stamped envelope. stay with us. we will be right back with a check on your forecast. >> hi, it was an offense of direction for the orioles last night. we shows you what happened agha
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>> now, a 11 sports. >> good morning. we all know the orioles can hit. if they can get any kind of pitching, it should be a good year for them. last night, game number two of 2012. the bird's got both against the twins. the starting pitcher was
9:55 am
outstanding here in the first. he strikes out. hunter gave up no earned runs in seven plus innings. bottom of the second, adam jones at the plate going deep to right field. it is gone. his first home run of the season. the orioles have it one to nothing lead. they hit kept on coming. in the forthcoming in dino -- in the fourth, andino. he went to second. it is now five to nothing, birds. in the seventh, at the plate. nick going deep again. his second of the season. the birds when it 8-2. the rst time the orioles' starting pitcher in the first two games had not allowed an earned run. the cheers were few and far between for tiger woods. here is tiger on 18, missing a putt for birdie. he shot even par for the day.
9:56 am
meanwhile, here is bill nicholson on 13. this is for eagle. he is feeling it. this puts him at 6 under. peter hampton is making a name for himself. how about this putt for birdie on 17? a under. the leader. he is hot on the trail. here is phil mickelson on 18. here is the way the leader board looks going into today's final route. peter hansen is the leader at nine under par. phil mickelson a second. i hope you have a great easter and passover. >> one last check at the seven- day forecast. 69 today with a few clouds. summer cooling down. a chance for showers monday through wednesday. in the 50's.
9:57 am
enjoy the weather today. >> have a great easter. that was delicious. we put extra liquor in there for her. >> "meet the press" is next. have a good day and have the easter. >> thank you. happy easter. >> vallo breaking news anytime at and follow us on tv at -- on twitter and facebook.
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